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Monday, March 26, 2007

3/5/07 notes

Facilitator – Brendan
Say your name and a sound that describes yourself

Greg Silver – update on facilities
-Just certified LEEDS
Greg Silver to contact Wesleyan Connection

Ashley – introduction of Middletown HS student (Ava)

Ashley - Who wants to be involved in Sustainability Committee, name passed
• advisory committee to administration – make sustainability something we
care about
• sustainability workshop coming soon for Payette

Diana – Last week of spring break – Global Warming March in
Massachusettes, will end up in Boston. Website: www.climatechange.org
Step It Up Rally – April 14 (also Climate Change)
EON is signed up = we have to create it
On Wesleyan campus (energy is talking about it)

Prof. Bill Stowe – English

Environmental List Serv – Green Building’s got it

Amanda – set up meeting with Ed Below
Meeting w/Virginia- dump and run - project save- try to make an
environmental difference, not just save money. Funding, centralizing
Wesleyan’s environmental interests?
Research on other schools- Meeting with Bill, will have another meeting on
Thursday with him after we do research. (For sustainability committee.)
Middlebury- after 3 years finally appointed someone as the head of their
Money issues? Do we need a director?
Bowdoin, U conn have directors-
How do we approach trustees about forming this group? *Show why we suck
and why this is necessary- competition with other schools-
Conn College- paid intern, sustainability committee, had .5 million for
renewable energy (from student fees)
We need backing before presenting ideas to trustees- ie advisory committee.
Recycling committee- once a month? Effectiveness and progress of new
committee- do we need senior staff on it?
We need to identify problems, and come up with an argument for why we
should hire a director for this group. Petition/proposal- signed by
students and staff? Money issues** we would be able to be more effective
if we actually had the money to pull through projects.
Physical plant in committee- they pay for it. (Implementing better
lights, carpet)
* Job description for director.
A section of the proposal- assigned to the people who did research on
their schools- model our section off of it, make a draft for our proposal.

May trustees meeting- proposal deadline- may 1st. Draft school section
done over spring break- bureaucratic side, funding aspect, moral stuff.

Funding from alumni- commencement? Endowments.

Spring Break:
- Research Schools
- Finish that aspect of proposal
- Research grant sources- which grants will we be applicable for? The
Foundation. Libraries have the subscription.
- Emma- point person. (Won’t write grants yet) egoodstein@wesleyan.edu
- Anna- send email about writing grants. Carleton- wind turbines
- Julien- will write rough draft
- Some companies may have a tax break if they support us?
- Grant: to fund director of sustainability committee. (Ashley and Sasha)
- Isaak- look into the foundation, talk to John, money saving techniques
- Alison- tax breaks, grant office
- Amanda- trustees, Barbara Jann-Wilson
- Sarice- consolidate school info
- Isaak, Amanda, Ashley, Emma, Sasha- research grants.
- Contact Amanda if you get back from break a couple days early to have
outside meetings.

Meeting- 12:10 Thursday Hall-Atwater rm. 6

The CFO chief financial officer- talk about financial problems- take money
away from physical plant, etc to allocate money elsewhere. Cardboard- use
that money, circle back into sustainability projects. Which groups to cut
money from/ overlaps- should EON be responsible for determining which
programs should be cut?
-We agree on not charging more on tuition
-Grants? Percent profit from companies?

Committee reports

Green building – Set-up booths at WEsfest, maybe post in Wesleyan Magazine
(endorsements for building green), AskEon page structure on blog, links to
put on, next year bringing an Ecofriendly band to Wes (money for tickets,
signing petitions, buying merchandise
Compost – Made banners (out of recycled paper) for compost awareness,
talking with Bon Apetit (wrote them an email), Spring Break research,
Earth Tub is almost working

HELP – Heal Earth, Lower Poverty
Jonah Project
-Students interested in teaching sustainability

Contacting Alumni-
Head of Board of Trustees- may be able to send out email to ask who will
support/fund. Amanda- ‘craft’ email.

Money saving:
- Cardboard
- Ink cartridges
- Cans and bottles
- Budget—saved money goes back to budget—direct incentive for sustainability
- Everything online—don’t give prof’s computers if they can’t put pdf’s
and files online
- Double sided printers
- Summer school—income

Monday, April 03, 2006

How to Post Messages...

okay this is so easy.

if you want to write something on this blog, do the following:

1. go to blogger.com
2. sign in: user name:weseon
password: wesleyan
3. click the post + button (green button)
4. Type a message and hit submit.

hope this is useful for us.

The very first, the initial, the founding, the principle, el primero... eon blog entry!!!

Hey eon dudes,

here we go, a blog for eon. We can use this space to write down all the things we do in our meetings and in our campaigns so that we can remember what goes on in our club and make progress from year to year. We'll remember our acheivments and our shortcomings so that we become more effective activists. We can keep lists of contacts, and websites that are useful. It'll be great.
I think everyone can post stuff here. Lemme search around and figure out how, then ill let you know.
have a good night everyone,
love, Carl '06